perrobox FQAsWhat’s in a ‘Perro’, that which we call a Perrobox?

“Perro” is a spanish word that translates to “Dog” in English, while “Box” in English means, well, box! . Put those two together and you get our carefully curated Perrobox (see what we did there?) filled with healthy and nutritious treats, cute toys and some secret goodies by dog-lovers, for dog-lovers!


Why get a Perrobox? What value do I get out of it?

Want the most premium, healthy and locally-sourced treats, toys and goodies? Do you also want to save the hassle of an extra trip to the store just to stock up on treats? If you and your pup are nodding your heads (and wagging your tails) at this, then Perrobox is for you!

Our Perrobox boasts 4 - 6 high quality items at a competitive rate delivered to your doorstep without an additional delivery charge; it’s that simple! We guarantee that you save a good amount of money and still get some of the most organic and healthy treats. We also throw in some subscriber-only deals, discounts and competitions (as if our boxes weren’t fun, or full, enough)!


How does a monthly subscription work?

For new orders, we will ship within 3 days and this order will count towards the following month's subscription. (e.g. orders on the 23 Feb, the 1st March box is skipped and the next box will be delivered on the 1st of April). Orders made towards the end of the month will instead be considered as a Perrobox for the following month. (e.g an order made on the 27 Feb will be shipped out within the first week of March) We ship a brand new box within the first week of every month. The charge recurs automatically so there’s no need to worry about not getting your boxes or re-subscribing! 

In the unlikely case that we experience a stock shortage, your Perrobox will be pushed back to the first week of the following month. Of course, we will do our best to ensure that this doesn't happen.


When is my recurring box coming?

Your recurring box will be sent to your door step within the first week of every month! We will have a special themed box with more exciting and great contents inside! Stay tuned, pawkay?!


How do I manage my subscription?

To manage your subscription, you can access your dashboard on perrobox.com via the link in your first purchase confirmation email. This link allows you to change, update, skip, cancel or reinstate your subscription depending on your schedule. Alternatively, you can login via our website using your subscription email and manage your account there. If you want to cancel your subscription, just drop us an email at kayla@perromart.com!  


How healthy are these treats?

As fellow dog-owners, we take pride in picking the healthiest local brands, cutest toys and best deals. Avoiding unhealthy and/or artificially processed treats is the name of our game! We ensure full transparency, with detailed ingredients labels and used-by dates too.


Can I choose what goes into the box?

Currently, we are limiting this as we love keeping your playful pups surprised and enjoy introducing new toys, treats, and goodies every month! However, if your pup especially loved something, we’ll make a note of it and include it in future boxes. With that being said, should your dog have any allergies or dietary restrictions, please inform us prior to ordering your box and we shall personalize it depending on his/her allergies.


My pup is not able to finish all her treats in one month, can I skip certain months?

Not to worry! You can go to your dashboard and change your delivery schedule to whenever you feel like having it! Just click on "Subscription > Edit" to change the delivery frequency and "Delivery schedule" to change the delivery date (and notify us too if you have any special arrangements so that we can cater the box to you accordingly)! If you can't find it, just Call us at +65 3138 3007 or email us at kayla@perrobox.com! We will be here to help you!


My dog loved the treats and toys from the box! Can I re-order it separately?

Sure! All the products that we send to you are available for purchase at our sister site, Perromart! If you have problems in finding the products, just Call us at  +65 3138 3007 or email us at kayla@perromart.com. We will be more than happy to assist you!


How do I claim my referral reward?

We will send you a specialized friend-referral discount code 2 days after sending out your box! This means that if 1 of your friends order a Perrobox by clicking on your referral link and using your discount code, both your following month's Perroboxes will have 40% off! But, don't forget to keep your subscription active to be entitled to the reward! Share the love today!

You can read more about how the referral program works under "Get 40%" in the header!


I can't seem to login to my account. What should I do?

This may happen because at the first checkout you purchased as a guest! But that's not a problem! You can just create a new account or contact us directly and we will send you your dashboard link! 


My dog is fussy. I'm afraid that it will be difficult for Perrobox to pick suitable treats and toys for her.

Not to worry, Paw-parents! There is no "difficult" in our vocabulary when it comes to make a pooch happy! Just leave notes during checkout on your dog's preferences/allergies and we will cater to your needs! If you are not satisfied with the treats or toys sent to you, call us at  +65 3138 3007 or email us at kayla@perrobox.com. We will take note of it and add your preferences to our system for your future boxes! WOOF!


I have a discount code for my first Perrobox. Where should I key it in?

You enter your code in the checkoutafter you have chosen your subscription. You find the "Discount code" box on the right hand side, next to the shipping address section.